- Went to Ghana and upgraded 7 electricity generating merry-go- rounds. Returned several times to install more.

 - Invented, built and installed two swing sets that generate electricity for lighting and installed them on Islands in Ghana.

 - Invented a swing that pumps water and generates electricity as the children play on it in remote villages.

 - Invented a spinning whirly bird that generates electricity for lighting and mechanically replaces motors as the child play.

 - Invented a non-spinning human powered work station for remote villages off the grid. It will generate electricity and will mechanically replace electric or gas motors. It can also store the Electricity for later use.

 - Invented a lighting system that runs on animal dung. It is called the “Poop Light”
Delivered Poop Lights to very remote villages throughout Ethiopia and Kenya.

 - Invented a lighting system that runs on water. It is called the “liquid Light,” and delivered 'Liquid Lights' to rural villages along Lake Tanganyika in Zambia, Lake Victoria and in Tanzania and near the Indian Ocean in Kenya. We also have liquid lights running in Amazon, Malawi, Malia, Ghana.

 - I have taught some of my inventions and technology to Colleges in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya and I am going to build a Human Powered Work Station at a Technical College in Mombasa Kenya in January 2017.

 - In one capacity or another we have been in Ethiopia, Congo, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, Amazon, Malawi, Mali and Southern Sudan.



 - Picked up a container of used American text books in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania and drove them to Zambia were I delivered them to remote villages schools.

 - My wife Larraine and I collected 52,000 pounds of used text books in the USA. And also delivered them to rural villages in Zambia.

 - I moved to the very remote village called Tongwa at the bottom of the Great Rift Valley along the shore of Lake Tanganyika in Zambia for 6 months where we built a school out of stones and cement.

 - Built 5 traditional huts using mud and grass thatched roofs in Tongwa for school teachers to live in.

 - Using local wood we built five boats to use as Boat Busses for the children to be able to come to the new school from neighboring villages.  With the same wood we built desks for the school.

 - Brought from USA and also purchased in Zambia medicals supplies and established a Health Post in Tongwa using one of the local huts.

 - Built a Clinic using stones and cement in Tongwa with two treatment rooms, a birthing room, pharmacy store room and learning room. We also brought more medical supplies from USA and sent two people to school to learn nursing so they can help run the clinic.
Built a slow sand water filter for clean drinking water.

 - Established a village police system for Tongwa. We registered five new village officers with the Zambian Government and equipped them with uniforms, batons, handcuffs and rope.

 - Built a cement house for school teaches in Tongwa.
Helped engineer the drive system for an electricity generating merry-go-round and built two of them in my shop for Empower Play Grounds.

I have been asked by several people to list some of our humanitarian projects in Africa. So here is a list of some of our past project, our Inventions and our current projects.

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My name is Alan Riser; I am the president and founder of Charitable Ingenuity. I am an Inventor / Humanitarian. My background is in Building, Welding, Fabrication, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Solar and

Bio- Electricity.