To create self-sustaining families and communities in remote villages by empowering them with new technology, education and, opportunities. 

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To alleviate Poverty, Suffering and, Death by creating a self-sustaining life style in the most remote locations of Africa and around the world. We accomplish this by using Charity, Ingenuity, Proven Methods, New Technology, and New Inventions. Our focus is on sustainability through Hard Work, Education, Health, Clean Water, Lighting, Micro Financing, Farming and Creating Jobs.

​One of the inventive tools, which was created to help remote areas, is a contraption called The Chameleon, so named for its ability to adapt and change to meet the village or family’s needs.

What is the Chameleon?

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The Human powered Chameleon (sometimes referred to as the village workstation) has many functions and creates many different opportunities for the village. During the harvest it can shell corn or peel cassava and then grind it into flour. It can generate enough electricity to supply rechargeable LED lanterns to a whole village. The stored power can also charge batteries of all kinds. The Chameleon can also run a table saw, grinder, air compressor, sewing machine, cement mixer, water pump and, washing machine. The Chameleon will soon be able to drill a hole in the earth 180 feet deep for a fresh water well (bore hole). Basically anything that requires a spinning shat can be adapted to work on the Human powered Chameleon.